As business owners, there is so much to DO, to JUGGLE, to LEARN, to MANAGE. It isn’t always an easy road. You know what makes it even harder? Not having a strategy, and not having someone on your side. If you’re a high-achieving, big-dreaming, action-taking entrepreneur who wants more, then join the movement. It’s seriously time to make a change!

Lisa is a rock-star in my eyes! Lisa was easy to engage with and I felt like she understood the core of who I was almost instantly. She has had so many great strategies for me to use and has given me so much to work with. She obviously knew so much and made sure that the conversation evolved naturally and allowed my creativity to finally come out and play. I highly suggest Lisa if you’re looking for someone with lots of experience and great tools.

Shannon Townsend

Entrepreneur, Colorado USA

The best coaches inspire a perspective shift, and Lisa IS one of those coaches. I wanted actionable ideas that I could implement FAST. Where most people simply suggest creating a valuable opt in or guest blogging, Lisa came to the table with several really great suggestions. Not only that, she has a delightful upbeat personality, and the combination of these two things helped shift me out of a ‘how the h^&* am I gonna do this’ mindset to a ‘Wow this is an awesome opportunity’ mindset. Only three days after working with Lisa, I’ve created my first live webinar which I’ll be hosting in one week.

Stephanie Holland

Stephanie Holland Startup Strategist + Coach

Lisa has a killer ability to strategize, problem solve and package people’s brilliance in a way that flows together cleanly. I was having some challenges fine-tuning my business model, and in about an hour, she asked some great questions and helped me make a few important shifts and all of the sudden, it just clicked. If you have “shiny ball syndrome”, she will help you get your business model and services aligned!

George Ira Carroll

Transformational Artist