Reliable Revenue. Business Growth. Sustainability.

 You’re a business owner looking for some reliability and scalability. You know you need to take action, and you’re ready and willing to take action. You just need help and expertise from someone who can see what you can’t see.

This isn’t a magic pill. It’s about real business and real success. That’s what it takes for the long-term game. I’m a business strategist, through and through. Together we will craft your strategy for reliable revenue and sustainable growth so you can knock it out of the park!

AND, we have fun along the way, because I am all about the FUN!

If this sounds like what you need, let’s talk!  

Lisa Reheurek - Speaking

Lisa enchants her audience with her fun and engaging style and simple, actionable tips. Audiences will walk away with leadership strategies designed to access the fun and create an environment for success!

Lisa Reheurek - Speaking

Lisa brings together her love of efficiency and business strategy to share simple & quick real-life Lessons in Leadership.

Lisa Reheurek - Speaking

Lisa is a die-hard experienced business strategist who is committed to helping established small businesses become reliable revenue machines.